About Anna Pearson | Certified wellness coach history & qualification

My Approach

As a flight attendant juggling my professional life at 38,000 feet and my personal life at sea level, I’ve been where you are.


I’ve pushed my body and my health to keep up. I’ve grabbed quick-fixes on the fly and skipped workouts for a lie-in. I’ve made plenty of excuses thinking they wouldn’t come back to haunt me, talked myself out of loads of workouts and overeaten at so many hotel buffets I’ve lost count.


But I can assure you, the secret to achieving the health and wellness you deserve is all about taking small steps and being positively consistent over time.

My Background



Although I have been helping people improve their health and wellbeing since 2020, my story doesn’t start there. I’ve been an Aussie sports fanatic since I was young. Tennis, cricket, volleyball, softball – you name it, I played it! But, I also loved my food. So, until I figured out how to change my unhealthy eating habits, I was actually the chubby Aussie sports fanatic. And I hated every minute of it. When I learnt that nutritious food was needed to fuel my mind and body, changed everything for me.



My love of sport and exercise drove me to study a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies at university. During those 4 years, I learnt how to instruct physical exercise (personal training) to both individuals and groups, formulate personalised nutrition plans, and understand the ins and outs of health and wellbeing.


Today, I’m charging my passion for healthy living towards motivating and encouraging everyone to jump onboard and take positive measures towards living a healthier life. Your power within is unlocked with consistency – and consistency can be reached with the support of motivational coaching and accountability.



What is Wellness Coaching?



As a certified wellness coach, I will inspire and encourage you to achieve your personal health and wellness aspirations. Throughout your journey, I will give you tools and teach you techniques that will enable you to move forward confidently and live your life like you’ve always wanted.


You can choose the wellness program that works best for you. From my free wellness consultation, to various wellness workshops, to group or 1:1 coaching or personal training -- you can choose just how my support will propel you forward.

My Qualifications

  • I have a BAppSc in Human Movement Studies (2005)

  • I hold a Masters in Education (2015)

  • I am qualified as a Qigong and meditation instructor (2021)

About Anna Pearson | Certified wellness coach history & qualification

Jump Onboard

I believe that looking after yourself is an everyday investment. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I can offer you personalised coaching and motivational programs tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. Let’s get you showing up with confidence and living your best and healthiest life yet!