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Even though I have been helping people improve their health and wellbeing since 2020, my story doesn’t start there. I’ve been an Aussie sports fanatic since I was young. My love of sport drove me to study a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies at university.


During 4 years of study, I learnt how to instruct physical exercise (personal training) to both individuals and groups, formulate personalised nutrition plans, and understand the ins and outs of health and wellbeing.

Today, I’m charging my passion for healthy living towards motivating and encouraging everyone to jump onboard and take positive measures towards living a healthier life. Your power within is unlocked with consistency – and consistency can be reached with the support of motivational coaching and accountability.


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My Wellness Crew Say


“Anna is the calm, motivational influence that everyone needs…

“Anna is the calm, motivational influence that everyone needs in their daily life. Her lifestyle is as hectic as mine, yet her focus on sustainable wellbeing routines never waivers. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without her encouragement and guidance (and recipes!).”



“... after working with Anna I feel more powerful and uplifted

“With a brain full of creative ideas and a heart full of passion and drive, you feel relaxed and reassured as soon as you engage with Anna. Anna has shared so many useful nutritional recipes, tips to manage my busy schedule and introduced me to meditation. After working with Anna I feel more powerful, uplifted and full of gratitude towards myself and others.”



"... I feel so much healthier. Both mentally and physically.

"I’ve really enjoyed working with Anna over the last few months and I feel so much healthier -- both mentally and physically. The live meditations and workouts on Insta are amazing and are now part of my routine.


Anna’s enthusiasm is infectious and I love her motivational messages and tips on healthy eating which always seem to come at the right time! I would recommend her services to anyone.