My Story: beating bad health choices and work juggle for healthy life

My Story

Are you stuck between your schedule and the ‘you’ you want to be?


I’m here to give you real life solutions you can easily incorporate into your schedule to enable you to live your best and healthiest life yet.


Exercise will become a positive routine. Healthy eating will become more achievable. Plus, your mindset around living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will become second nature.


It wasn’t always easy for me. In the past, I’ve pushed my body and my health to keep up. I’ve grabbed quick-fixes on the fly and skipped workouts for a lie-in. I used to struggle just like you. Let me tell you about it.

How It Started


Although I have been helping people improve their health and wellbeing since 2020, my story doesn’t start there. As a young national tennis player in Australia, I learnt early about the impact exercise and healthy eating had on my on-court performance. Not only did eating well boost my energy levels, but it improved my mood too. At high school, I fell in love with health and wellness education and was accepted to study Human Movement Studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

​After graduating in 2005, I joined Emirates Airlines in Dubai as a cabin crew member. During my 15-year aviation career, I’ve progressed to Cabin Manager, visited six of the seven continents in the world, and flown over 11,000,000 kilometers. The truth is that air travel is glamourous but gruelling, exciting but exhausting, delightful but demanding. It’s always difficult to eat well, exercise regularly and maintain a positive mindset in between the sleep deprivation, time zone transitions and energy slumps.


Even though my brain knew how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, my heart really craved motivation and support. I had the knowledge about what to do, but I wanted to be inspired and encouraged. I wished for support and motivation to help me stay on track. Because the truth is, it's just hard to stay motivated by yourself all the time. It's something you really need to work at.

How It's Going

These days, even at 38,000 feet, you’ll find me eating healthy food I’ve prepared for myself to take on board. When we touch down at our destination, I’ll wind down by exercising at the hotel gym, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. As I balanced completing my Masters in Education with my work life, I began developing and incorporating healthy habits into my busy schedule. I ditched all the excuses that weren’t helping me. Plus, I learnt how to develop better routines that really allow me to enjoy my life on the ground. These simple, yet effective, adjustments in my lifestyle have made striving for my health and wellness goals whilst working shift work much easier.




My story is ongoing and I’m focused and energised to help you embrace a healthier way of living. My passion for health is geared towards motivating and encouraging everyone to jump onboard and take positive measures towards improving their own lifestyle. Your power is in your consistency – and consistency can be reached with the right knowledge, motivation and support. Together, we can live our best lives and feel better for it.


Jump Onboard

I believe that looking after your health and wellness is such an important, everyday investment. As a fitness motivator and wellbeing coach, I can offer you personalised coaching and motivational programs tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle. Let’s identify your limiting beliefs, replace those unhealthy habits and create the healthier version of you you’ve always wanted.